What is the last infinity gem? Spoilers for Black panther!

Ever since the official acceptance of existence of Infinity stone in MCU, the theory that the first letters of common names for the infinity stones form the word THANOS has increasingly gained momentum. And for the last infinity stone – Soul gem, the most popular candidate has been Heimdall, because of his powers.

But I think now with Black Panther release, we can say that there is a better candidate – and it has to do with the HEART SHAPED HERB!

Bear with me here! Black Panther movie shows that the nation of Wakanda thrives of Vibranium. What if the vibranium and heart shaped Herb both are some sort of manifestation of the soul gem itself? There is an interesting choice that Narvel Made with the movie that I must point out. The color of Heart shaped herb and its essence has been changed to match the Vibranium. What if the Sould gem arrived on earth on that Vobranium meteor?

Also the Heart shaped herb opens the ancestral plane.

BLACK PANTHER Soul Stone In Wakanda Trailer NEW (2018) Superhero Movie HD – Find, Make & Share Gfycat GIFs


Which is a place where the line of Black Panthers’ souls go after death! A pocket universe whose access is, well, through the heart shaped herb! And it’s color, you will see is in the shade of again, the herb and the Vibranium!

Because we see the flowers of Heart shaped herb burn in fire in the movie, they themselves aren’t the gem. But they can be some manifestation of the gem itself, and will be seen again in Infinity war movie, maybe!!!!!


So, what do you think of this theory? Or do you still want to go for Heimdall only?


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