Supergirl: ”The Last Children Of Krypton” Review

Supergirl: ”The Last Children Of Krypton” Review

By Mitchell Sigal

Out of all the recent superhero shows on television, it wouldn’t be a stretch to callSupergirl the most fun. The first season took advantage of today’s special effects. The writing sometimes lacked, but overall there was a lot to enjoy. Season Two started last week with a pretty good opening. The three major plot points from that episode: the arrival of Superman in National City, the emergence of Cadmus/Metallo, and the mysterious unconscious Kryptonian return here in today’s installment. “The Last Children of Krypton” is a stronger story than “The Adventures of Supergirl.” There are a few flaws the show still struggles with, (a generic background villain) but viewers will find plenty to like.

The episode starts out with a fun montage of Superman and Supergirl stopping various crimes in National City. There’s so much to appreciate in this opening sequence. The biggest thing of course is how the two characters interact. They work incredibly well together. The writing and the actors did a marvelous job showcasing the close cousin relationship the two heroes have. The background music was also very good in these scenes. The only negative is when a thief first shoots Superman and then tries to punch him. That scene came off as unrealistic, but it’s a minor thing in the excellent opening.

I enjoyed Tyler Hoechlin’s portrayal of the Man of Steel last episode. The writing at times made him a little too much like Spider-Man, but overall he was very good. In this week’s episode he has cemented completely in the role. It wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to now call him a definitive version of the character. The writing found a perfect balance of having him be cheerful and serious. Some of the best scenes are in the D.E.O. with him arguing with J’onn. First there was the argument with using Kryptonite against the unconscious Kryptonian. Later when Metallo appears and Alex reveals that Kryptonite had been stolen Superman goes into a rage. These scenes were tension-filled as Superman and J’onn argued their viewpoints.

There wasn’t much to Metallo. He ended up just being a thug for Cadmus. He had little personality and no major vendetta against the superheroes other than Cadmus telling him to. Replace him with a silent robot with kryptonite and it wouldn’t have made a difference. At the very least he made for some really great fight scenes. The first battle with him against Superman and Supergirl ranks among the show’s best. The best part was Superman sending Metallo miles away after seeing the cyborg unleash his Kryptonite blast on Supergirl. Once again, the viewer can see the love Superman has for his cousin as he holds her in a Crisis on Infinite Earths inspired scene.

On the non superhero side of things, the biggest development is Cat Grant leaving. This was a shocking announcement, since she’s been around the entire show. She had some great dialogue with Kara regarding it. Sadly, there was some questionable dialogue as well. In the last episode Kara announced she would be a reporter. In this episode Cat introduces Kara to Snapper Carr, the person Kara will be training under. The problem is Snapper; he’s written as a complete jerk. Cat was already mean to Kara throughout the first season, so do we really need a similar dynamic? The worst scene was Snapper “firing” Kara. (There was also the part earlier when he wouldn’t shake her hand.) Understandably, Kara is upset and talks to Cat about it. To sum up what happens next: Cat tells Kara to put on “her big girl pants.”

This is wrong on many levels. Let’s bring up working in a supermarket for example. If the supervisor is being unprofessional and rude to a worker, then the worker has the right to report that to top management. Then management is supposed to do something about it. Yes, the worker should stand up for himself/herself. But in addition top management has a responsibility to make sure all workers are treated fairly and with respect. All of the scenes with Snapper were painful to watch. He’s mean for no reason given. Back to Cat, because of her leaving James Olsen has been put in charge of the company. It’s an interesting development, though at this point there isn’t much to him being around. Hopefully that will change now.

Alex had a substantial role. One of the biggest aspects was her discovering the mole who had been giving Kryptonite to Cadmus. The lead up to it was fun, mainly due to Winn never really having a solo scene with her before. Alex tracks down the mole by herself, which made no sense. Why didn’t she tell J’onn or bring backup? There was no reason why she had to face Cadmus alone at first. Speaking of Winn, his role and character here is pretty much a copy of Cisco’s from The Flash. Maybe it’s unintentional, but it’s noticeable how similar the two characters are. Back to Alex, the scene with her displeasure of Kara’s idea of moving to Metropolis was a well done sequence. The scene later on when Kara apologizes, stating that she didn’t mean to make Alex feel less valued than Superman was also very good.

On a last couple of notes, the scene with Superman and J’onn in the Fortress of Solitude was a highlight. Here we got to hear the full reason why J’onn kept Kryptonite at the D.E.O. base. “You can hate me” he states. Superman answers, “I don’t hate you J’onn. I just don’t trust you.” There was nothing but great dialogue here. As stated earlier, the ongoing tension between the two was engaging. Interestingly, the writing chose to conclude it with J’onn giving the D.E.O.’s Kryptonite to Superman. It’s a little sudden, but understandable since the writing probably didn’t want to have any loose ends with Superman since he left for Metropolis. Speaking of that, his stating to Kara early in the episode that he’s leaving felt too sudden since in the climax of the last episode he wanted to stay for a bit. The final battle was fun as we got to see the long awaited Superman/Martian Manhunter team-up. It was a little disappointing since J’onn comes in later and then it’s over quickly. Half of the climax includes Supergirl and Alex (whom is wearing a battle suit) fighting off a second Metallo. It was fun seeing the sisters together on the battlefield. The cliffhanger has the mysterious Kryptonian awaken. It will be good to finally see this plot point develop in the next episode.

Overall, “The Last Children of Krypton” was a strong episode and for the most part showcased what bringing comics to life is all about. Superman was good in his debut appearance last time, and here he’s stellar. The family chemistry with him and Kara was nice to watch. The two work extremely well together. It’s going to be a shame not seeing him from this point forward for now. Supergirl was also great. One of my personal favorite scenes was how Melissa Benoist displayed the character’s bubbly personality when she talked to Alex about sister night. The episode mainly falters with the background antagonist. She so far is incredibly generic. The plotline of not trusting otherworldly characters is interesting, but she just isn’t engaging. Sadly Metallo isn’t much other than a mindless thug. Snapper Carr was incredibly grating to watch. If he has the same personality going forward, he’s most likely going to bring down the story every scene he’s in. It doesn’t look like the CatCo scenes are going to be that great from here on, but the writing could surprise. One thing is for sure: Supergirl is still one fun show.

Verdict: Even though “The Adventures of Supergirl” was a superb episode and season premiere, “The Last Children of Krypton” took it one level further, becoming slightly stronger than last week’s episode. While Metallo was a slight letdown, the establishing of Cadmus and the Doctor were well executed while also hinting more at the Jeremiah Danvers mystery. Something that also needs to be pointed out is that Winn has really improved as a character and I think honestly it was just him joining the D.E.O. that helped a lot. We also got a good progression on Kara’s job storyline with the challenge of Snapper Carr now having been introduced. Overall, the second episode was an incredible follow-up to the strong start that Supergirl Season 2 has gotten off to.

Grade: A


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