Flash s04e01 – a SPOILER FILLED Picture review/disaster view


Yeah, not even gonna call it a review. At this moment , I am at, let’s see, 03:59, and the episode is absolute trash. I didn’t have any hopes from this, tbh. But this is EPITOME OF BAD WRITING. Because 2 mins in , in the very first scene, THIS HAPPENS…


Yupp, a duck pun… I mean, I don’t see any need to add any remark to the picture to make it look stupid.

I mean, I would like to point out that Speedforce isn’t just about running fast but also great reaction, but my brain just overloaded here. Still, I continued…

And they delivered with one of the most AMAZING take downs EVER!

Cisco manages to trap this Teleporter…


Now, you would think that she is caught, they would just restrain her and be done with it., but nope, THIS HAPPENS.



Yupp, they instead push her through a portal for some reason, they themselves land off balance, the meta holds a pair of guns on them, and Flash and Vibe stay on street like chumps till Detective West comes and electrocute the woman.

maxresdefault (1)

This is what happens when you force a “Team format”, that works for a character like Arrow, on an OP one like Flash. To justify the presence of other team members, you have to introduce supra-idiotic scenes like these. This is also A GLARING EXAMPLE OF THE FACT THE THE WRITERS OF FLASH SIMPLY DO NOT UNDERSTAND THE CHARACTER OR THE POWERS. ( Among 0ther things…)

I am at 03:12 at this point and i am ALREADY DONE WITH THIS. God may have mercy on my soul as I try to finish this.

Ok, so now they are in Star labs and celebrating what a wonderful capture that was! WOW! And bickering about whether it is Team Vibe or Team Kid Flash. :/
And for bonus, Iris is now planning Kid Flash’s speed training sessions? WHAT? Why would Cisco not do that? See what I mean about shooing in team members?

Anyways, we move on to this.


Because what we REALLY need is drama of Captain West and his GF.

Candace Patton is doing really well with what she was given, mind you. As much as I hate what they have done with the character of Iris ( making her a plot point, rather than character) always thought she could do well if given something to do.

So we move on to the villain of the weak, and Flash finally manages to land a joke…


maxresdefault (2)

And, oh, The Samurai had a brilliant show off moment. And i thought, maybe they will turn it around , BUT NO……….


Yupp, 10 mins in of FIRST EPISODE, and they are now gonna bring back Barry. I mean, I didn’t expect them to have entire season with Wally, but they could have given SOME episodes like that, at least?

Flash has gotten into this rotten habit. Their solution to a brilliant cliff hanger of season was one of of the most pathetic things I have ever seen in sci-fi ( probably only thing worse is Time remnants), and they had a great chance to run Flashpoint arc last year, and they WASTED IT, and returned back to what it was after 1 episode…

It makes the cliffhanger worthless, and Barry’s sacrifice CHEAP.

Anyways, Cisco needs a few things to do that, and of course one of the things is Caitlin, so he goes to talk with her. And the writers show their level of knowledge about education here by this sentence, lol.


Next , I expected him to ask for ice and frozen H2O in his drink.

PS ; After all that drama, Caitlin is just back to normal, and no explanation is given for that either.

Anyways, you want to know how they bring him back? With a modified Speed cannon. If you are wondering how does that work, here is Cisco, with one of the laziest explanation ever, proving for once and for all, that the writers do not understand a single thing about science


God, they were too lazy to even invent a new term. vlcsnap-2017-10-11-14h54m09s427


vlcsnap-2017-10-11-14h56m41s266     Anyways, for some reason, he appears in another part of city, letting team members to have another dramatic scene, which is just for that because it is immediately terminated after an argument and has no bearing on anything else. Conflict for the sake of conflict is something I wish all writers would avoid

Well, apparently, there were no side effects to bringing Barry back, except for some psych issues. Which Caitlin diagnosis BRILLIANTLY.


Now the other diagnosis is Schizo Spastic disorder, where Barry is muttering gibberish which means something to him . ( YISH, open a medical book, please)

Meanwhile , Cisco has this insane notion that he can translate hundreds of symbols without any reference…

R.I.P. Logic.


So what do these scientists do? Run an MRI? EEG?



I know, right? Such a surprise!

And the Samurai is back. So, Wally goes there in flash suit with blurred face.


and guess how long he lasts?


( I counted, not joking)

And when The Samurai comes back, Iris has a brilliant plan. A brilliancy that would impress Bobby Fischer.


And that leads to this…


But to be fair, something GOOD FINALLY HAPPENS…






And Barry DOES come.


The Samurai has a brilliant escape root though…


Oh wait, didn’t he want to FIGHT Barry?vlcsnap-2017-10-11-16h11m33s753





So, the flash season 4 starts and immediately washes off most effects of last season, continues to use juvenile humor, sets up future West drama no one is interested in ( Iris and West’s GF has a episode filled with drama coming, apparently) wastes a golden chance to do something with Wally as Flash, wastes a villain of the week as usual,  and gives no valid explanation for anything. The one thing they do achieve from promised list is that they did make it lighter. Show’s writers continue to show off their ignorance of characters, source, science, sci-fi,  logic and just about everything.


No point in even rating this.

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