AoS: Ghost Rider s04e04 SPOILER FREE review and SPOILERY DISCUSSION

Well, it is that time of the week when I piss those who left AOS 3 years back by saying how awesome AoS is, or this version of Ghost rider is. So, it was only a time before Shield and Ghost Rider collided, and I am glad AoS did not waste much time. As I have mentioned before, AoS likes to do multiple arcs. This week, they took on 4 arcs.

  1.  The Sokovia accords :

    It is very cool how well, AoS is taking on the opportunity left behind by Captain America : civil war. While it had indeed acted on as Winter soldier : the after math, the execution is much more cleaner and impactful this time. They have tied the Accords arcs to Inhumans. Which is good because they have been well established, and they are the biggest groups of “ENHANCED” in MCU. What is good though, they are not harping on inhuman aspect of it, despite of usually dealing in them only.

  2. Daisy arc :

    Just like GR, it was only a matter of time, before Daisy/Quake finally had to meet with the team. Using an old enemy that is on the rise, AoS convincingly brought Daisy back in the fold. I must say, while people may disagree, I am loving the approach of AOS on her. Everyone deals differently with loss, and everyone deals with depression in their own way. Daisy’s conversation with the asset in convincing him to join was especially well written and acted. Chloe Bennet is killing it this time!

  3. Ghost Rider arc:

    The MVP this times, despite having slightly less time, again was Robbie Reyes. The Lola vs Lucy car Chase was done very well ( with the cool Fast and Furious nods, obviously), and though I wish that his action scene was longer, it was perfect.
    He took one more step this episode towards becoming what we think as “essential Ghost  Rider”! MAN! That was a squeal-worthy moment ! ( SPOILERS!)
    AoS also took time to bring more to his back story. While episode 6 is the one supposed to tell us Ghost Rider’s origin story, with each episode, they are molding the character well.  Yes, I would want Johnny too. but This a really well made character, and this leaves Johnny free for a future movie or Netflix!

  4.  L.M.D. :

    This was definitely ” Meet the parents” episode. Radcliffe’s attempt to do a Turing test ( Did she pass or fail? SPOILERS!) almost blew up in his face when AIDA ended up crossing paths with almost everyone on the team.  Just like GR, they are slowly but steadily building her up well, as well as introducing to the many facets of this potentially extremely endearing character. Marvel does like to build characters like these and kill them, right? 🙁


This episode took on the chance of showing us issues with the ” Superhero registration”. In the age of CyberSpace, nothing is really safe. And AoS nailed the part of showing this crucial weakness of Registration act. It can be used against the enhanced just way too easily. Daisy’s attempts to stop this and protect the next target on the list provided a strong story as well as connected all the arcs that this episode was handling.

One of the better things about AoS is that over last 3 years, it has established multiple supporting characters, who can be called in at a moment’s notice and viewers can just enjoy them with no long backstory eating valuable time. And AoS keeps doing it so well that you can enjoy this “asset” without having seen him before, but knowing his journey, knowing what makes him tick makes the experience much more satisfactory.


It was lovely to see Simmons looking a house for herself and Fitz. Nice to see that AOS can incorporate a bit of normal life in the midst of all the craziness.

While it did not take much screen time, Eli was introduced and set up the DARKHOLD arc for the future episode nicely! Kinda glad they are deviating from the comics story on him, excited to see where this goes!


We also learnt more about what happened years back in the Momentum Lab. I must say, mashing up of Magic and SciFi is done well this season and hopefully will continue to do so. The Ghost Rider Origins episode is JUST BEFORE Doctor Strange, so that should be connected somehow.

AoS creators have said that questions of AoS openers will be answered by Doctor Strange. And Clark Gregg has mentioned that AoS will build on what Doctor Strange has to say on magic. So I expect nice synergy between these two properties!



AoS continues to build on this new season with new characters and elements. This was the best episode they pulled out this season. Well written, well acted, with enough twists to keep you engaged. There was some cool action in it and they pulled on heartstrings of viewers with a few scenes. ( especially with the Daisy – Coulson scene) Episode was littered with fun moments across the board though, which was its strength. I could make an article of those moments alone, lol. Fitz losing his chill, was my favorite though.

This episodes tied up a few lose ends and created new ones.It also brought all the pieces on the good side together, setting up brilliantly for upcoming episodes. The only thing weak again was the CGI of “ghosts”, which i guess we will just have to live with till they evolve. everyone had good chemistry and AOS nailed the strength of each character. The guest character was handled much better than done before and he was already done well. This episodes also set up future episodes and arc very well.

I think this was  the best episode this week so far. However, Supergirl gets the benefit of awesome Tyler Hoechlin Superman andgets lots of bonus points for him, and pushes just a bit ahead.

For a really well crafted episode with a fun ride…

















  1. The Ghost Rider Hellfire battle:

    What is a Ghost Rider without his signature chain? It was an awesome moment to see Robbie Finally wield the Iconic burning chain!
    It was even sweeter because of how he finally got it. He snatched it away from the hands of Hellfire! For the uninitiated, J.T. James was the descendant of famed western hero Carter Slade better known as the Phantom Rider. He inherited the Hellfire Chain, which imbued him with power to manipulate Hellfire. So this is poetic! What is more, when Marvel first teased the hellfire chain, everyone assumed it just meant that Hellfire would have a bigger role in season 4. No one thought Marvel would dare use Ghost Rider on Shield. But Marvel has done it, and done it WELL. Gabriel Luna is doing a wonderful job, and he is being received so well, there are rumors of a spin-off already, which I assume was always the target.
    Chance a new GhostRider show?

  2. AIDA :

    Gotta say, how well the Turing test was handled. The interesting bit for me was radcliff teaching AIDA it is OK to lie to save a life. Pretty sure that is leading up to something.


    Extremely glad on how Aos has already established how big it is, even though the people on the show do not believe in magic and there is very little they know about it. They have also started to turn characters less skeptic about what it could be even as they try to explain it logically. So i have a realy good feeling about this.



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