Stranger Metal Things

Apart from the compelling characters, the taut storyline, and the feelgood nostalgia, Netflix’ ‘Stranger Things’ is also getting rave reviews for its score and the choice of songs. S U R V I V E‘s score is part John Carpenter synth-worship and part baroque pop, as it truly captures the feeling of dread and the presence of the eerie in a small mid-western town.

Because it’s 2016, we need to have a remake of literally every piece pop culture, here is a metal version of S U R V I V E’s title theme.

Little V is a 23 year old drummer from Calgary, Canada, who mostly covers anime themes and video game soundtracks. You can check out his Soundcloud page here. (Seek out the Pacific Rim theme. It is badass)

You can check out and subscribe to Little V’s YouTube channel here, and support him through his Patreon here.


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