Wonder woman : A SPOILER FREE REVIEW of a wondrous adventure

Let’s be honest, DCEU didn’t exactly go off to the best of starts. Yes, DCEU has its hardcore fans and staunch supporters, but universal acclaim is something that has always eluded it. Wonder woman was supposed to be the movie that turned everything around. Fortunately, Wonder Woman does that , and MUCH MORE.


Let’s start off with Gal Gadot as Diana Prince / Wonder WomanShe is , well, Perfection. She was the best part of BvS for me, and that just continues here. She has added 17 pounds of muscle for this movie and it shows. When she walks on the battle field, you SEE THE WONDER WOMAN. The physicality she brings to the role is just incredible! She is BRILLIANT in melee and hand-to-hand combat, and honestly a comic fan’s wet dream.


Unlike BvS though, she also shines at being Diana. What we have here is a more naive and idealistic heroine. This is her journey of getting out of a sheltered bubble and encounters the real world for the first time. Her journey is heart warming, emotional and beautifully written. And Gal NAILS that part. Her slightly off speech actually helps her feel as if she is not from our world. The way she approaches the world, however, is where she will win the hearts. She is what Superman should have been. This WW is an inspiration, not just to females, but to us all. Comparison to Captain America and Christopher Reeve superman are obvious and VALID. She is so earnest and innocent that it is hard not to fall in love with her. AND GOD, THAT SMILE!

It is funny, really. Both Chris Evans and Gal Gadot were considering ending their acting career before their respective iconic roles in CBMs. And we the fans would have missed out on something special!

Chris Pine as Steve Trevor is another star of the movie. First of all, the chemistry between these two is scintillating. Probably the best onscreen romance we have seen in superhero movies without any doubt. Super hero movies/series always tend to mess the romantic interest – by making them pointless, annoying, damsel in distress or ALL OF THEM ABOVE. (Iris West of CW, looking at you)


With a woman centric movie that aims at pumping up a legendary character to her status as a hero that needs noone, this movie could have easily done that to Steve. BUT NO. Steve is on a compelling journey of his own and he stands shoulder to shoulder to the wonder woman without any super powers. He doesn’t try to overshadow WW at any moment either. In a world, where women could not even vote, Steve is an equalist/feminist – a true gem.  The charm that Chris Pines exudes is just the icing on the cake.

I feel like in current times, DCEU might try to set up Wonder woman with Batman, and after this pair, it is just going to be very hard to top. My new OTP in DCEU! (Funnily the other is Cap and Peggy!)

Movie’s support cast is good and they do have their moments. However, don’t expect anything extra ordinary from them, this is Diana and Steve’s movie. Don’t worry though, they are so good, they make up for this.


If character wise I had a little complain, that would be the villain. Not saying that the villain is terrible , but certainly could have been better. The twist they went for is rather predictable too. Don’t worry though, the story is handled in a way that will still be entertaining. There are a few supporting characters here which are just WASTED though. They are not that important, so again doesn’t harm the movie much, but certainly feel like missed opportunities.


Hats of to Patty Jenkins, she has created a WONDERFUL movie here, pun intended. The movie strikes perfect balance between emotion, drama and action. The storytelling is interesting and flawless. After the erratic pace of BvS and horrendous editing of Suicide squad, it is SUCH A RELIEF to see such a well crafted and engaging movie. First half in particular is SO GOOD! I don’t think I have ever gone through my popcorn so fast!

Despite her lack of experience with the genre, action is brilliant. Movie especially shines when it is about Wonder woman is slicing through everything in her path. The action feels realistic and accommodates for the relative inexperience and the realities of a new battle ground. If u have seen all tv spots, you might be wishing that you hadn’t though. Your experience is better without them.


The movie makes some significant changes to the mythos. I personally felt they serve the movie for the better, although kinda predictable.

The movie’s sound track is brilliance. Wonder woman’s theme is well used and not an overkill as some feared. The movie is VIBRANT AND COLORFUL. If you were disappointed with the color palettes, de-saturation and exposure of previous DCEU movies, this one certainly will delight you.

Movie is funny too, and the real kind. Unlike SS, very little forced humor and the actors nail their delivery.

Patty Jenkins shifted the origin story to WW 1 FOR A SPECIFIC REASON ( AND DAMN, IT WORKS OUT SO WELL!)

If I have to make one complaint though, it would be the CGI heavy battle that the movie has. The CGI feels just OFF, and makes battle itself off. Some frame feel like a pop up rather than a good 3D scene. CGI even hinders the good stunt and choreography done in that one scene. I understand that it was necessary, but had they been able to come up with something that didn’t need this heavy CGI, the movie would have been much better for it. Not saying that it doesn’t have good moments in between, but in the age of movies like Doctor Strange, this is a real issue.

I guess some people might be bothered with how the tide turns, so to speak, but that is to each his own, i guess


Wonder Woman, simply put is WONDERFUL. Gal and Chris bring their characters to life better than anyone could hope for and give us a journey that is heartfelt, exciting, adventurous, emotional and INSPIRING. Patty Jenkins can take a bow for a brilliantly balanced movie. IN fact, this now second favorite origin movie, surpassing Iron man and Captain america, behind only Doctor Strange. Could have made the villain a bit better in some ways ( spoilers) and definitely could have done with either less CGI or much better and cohesive CGI.

Over all, I would rate the movie as 9/10. A must watch!

 It is genuinely heart warming to see the biggest super heroine of all time to arrive with a bang, with a story that is compelling and exciting, and for once, getting feminism right. A new dawn has arrived for DCEU – and HOPE IS HERE, WE ARE READY TO BE INSPIRED BY THE WONDER WOMAN.





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