Suicide Squad (A Review)

Suicide Squad

Superhero movies are oftentimes the center of much speculations and expectations. Especially since the boom that the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Netflix Originals caused, it has been an endless array of movies winning and failing, between the disaster that was Antman to the class act that was Guardians of the Galaxy from Marvel, and then there’s DC, with movies that make you want to hurl and cry to sleep like Green Lantern, Man of Steel to the quality attempts by Nolan in the Dark Knight trilogy. One of the recent cause for much contemplation, arguments, fights and what not, Batman Vs Superman; which was a roller coaster ride for me, personally. I liked it, but that could be caused by my bias to DC.

This :)

Having being released immediately after BvS, Suicide Squad had much to live upto. It was called as the “DC redeemer”, with most people expecting the star cast to vindicate DC.

Did it succeed? I’d wager not so much. Although, was it good? Definitely.

I watched the movie twice, and the first time I went with zero expectations thanks to the mishap that was the pre-release critique. But that aside after the second iteration, I was convinced it was good enough for me, personally.

The movie is basically a bunch of extremely talented actors, piled on top of each other with one impeccable perfection of a scene to another, layered with a soundtrack that I could kill for.

Cast? Awesome. Relevance? Maybe. Juxtapose factor? Meh.

But then that was expected, since it is the Suicide Squad, the individual characters WERE going to be put under the spotlight.

First of all, there is Will Smith as Floyd Lawton aka Deadshot. What was he? A ruthless contract killer, a perfect marksman (lol arrow) and a doting father (Cos Will Smith movie cliché has to appear). What we saw was a mixture of scenes from Pursuit of Happiness and Bad Boys, The Duology.

Customary Trippy Cast Pic

Moving past, Margot Robbie, as Dr. Harleen Quinzel was stark perfection. She lived upto the expectations that were thrown her way. Again, I might be biased *nudge nudge wink wink*.

Followed by that there was an array of people who were evidently there as extras with no importance what so ever and that is the one problem I had with the scripting of the movie, with Boomerang (Jai Courtney) there for the sex (and fire) jokes, Killer Croc (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje) there for grunting and swimming, Slipknot (Adam Beach) there to act as Southpark’s Kenny (oh my God, they killed Kenny!). Then there were Diablo (Jay Hernandez), Rick Flag (Joel Kinnaman) and Enchantress (Cara Delevingne). I will get to them shortly.

Jared Leto as Joker was impeccable and it fed the comic book fan in me. His joker has been compared to Heath Ledger and after the second iteration, I did not see sense in that. They are from parallel worlds and not superimposed ones. Viola Davis as Amanda Walker and Ben Affleck as Batman were as perfect as one could want.

That takes care of the cast.

Now for the plot, what irks me most was the lazy and sloped story development. Bits and pieces of the histories juxtaposed on top of each other in the first set of scenes, then immediately followed by a cliché evil development. It is obvious that something like this was evidently expected to happen, but did it happen in a way that was coordinated and lucid? No.

That isn’t even the worst in the list of things that irked me. Will Smith repeating the words “You’re threatening me”, to the repeated “You die, we die”, to an amusing hoolahoop performance by the Enchantress all contributed to my irritation of the flick.



Seriously. What was this even?!



Look mom! A hula-hoop lady!


What was most annoying to me was Diablo, where he casually made families out of the people he met just a day back, and readily gave his life away too.

That with the stereotypical and predictable ending made it hard to digest, but easy on the senses. If someone wanted less thought and more open-ended action, this is the movie for them!

All these flaws were more evident due to the bad editing that the movie had with haphazard scene placement and sudden changes that an unbiased and lesser knowing viewer would bounce off of.

Well, that takes care of the flaws.


Now for the positives; the movie had everything someone with zero expectation and a lot of hope for DC would want. It had action, it had trippy scenes, it had insane music, it had a comic-relevant Joker, it had Batfleck, it had lots of guns, it had action sequences that satiated my hunger. And above all, it had a perfect Harley Quinn, while shedding light on the love that Joker and she shares that adds a touch of empathy to the entire situation.

Love? yes. Crazy? Definitely.

So all in all, you cannot possibly take anything away from the movie. The flaws aside, it was a worthy watch. I could actually watch it once more.

Are you wondering why I did not go into Rick Flag and Katana? Cos they were shit, I tell you. They were senseless and irrelevant.

I will soon follow this with my take on the soundtrack for the movie, so stay tuned for that as well.

Movie Score – 7/10


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