“Logan” Trailer breakdown

We saw the first poster for Logan where we saw someone holding Wolverine’s hand. We all guessed who it might be, no, it’s not Deadpool, I am speaking aboiut X-23.

The basic description of movie seems obvious, the movie is set in a dystopic future where all mutants are somehow dead or missing, Professor X’s powers are malfunctioning and Logan is on a run from a new group of villains.


The movie opens as Johnny Cash’s hurt plays in the background, the track perfectly sets the tone of the film.

Professor X ask, ‘what did you do?’

We meet Logan, older, struck by guilt, may be because he couldn’t save the X-Men or may be because he killed them.

We see a world from where Wolverine time traveled in Days of the Future Past. While X-Franchise has brilliantly shat on the concept called timeline, it makes me more confused to understand what caused this if Wolverine saved the mutants in the end of the movie.

Anyways, we see broken structures, bridges and buildings. World is in a bad shape, no one cares to repair anything. It looks like Thanos landed and walked away over the bodies of X-People and then left the rest for Galactus (not the cloud one).


We meet Logan, he has a beard, he looks exactly like Old Man Logan which was also set 50 years after X-Men when extinct. If Wolverine killed the X-Men under mind control then Professor X asking him ‘What did you do’ makes a lot of sense.

We further see Wolverine drinking in a cemetery, it seems his friends are buried here. Wolverine is getting older, his healing factor is no more suppressing his aging anymore. His hands are bloody and body is scarred. It is clear that his healing factor has slowed down and is leaving marks on his body.


We meet a girl standing in a building overlooking a desert. Wolverine asks, ‘what is she,’ Professor X replies, ‘she looks a lot like you.’

Casted as Laura, she is X-23, she was developed as Wolverine’s clone and 22 experiments failed before X-23 was successful. We saw in the after credits of X-Men Apocalypse, Mr. Sinister of Essex Corporation might be responsible for her creation in this timeline.

We meet convoy of armed mercenaries on a hunt. It seems they are after Laura who is seeking refuge with Wolverine.


We then meet a man in a shawl and faced covered with a mask and shades. While my heart want him to be Dcotor Nemesis, he can be Stephen Merchant’s Caliban. I am again not sure how he lived this long because he was last seen in X-Men Apocalypse.


‘She needs our help’

‘Someone will come along’

Professor X wants Logan to help her but he is reluctant to get into the fight. He thinks someone will come help her but it seems only the bad guys are coming. He looks at his old dog tags, he wonders if he should help or not.

The scene is cut by arrival by arrival of armed guards followed by the Donald Price with a cybernetic arm. They all seem to be hunting for Laura. It might be possible that Logan cut off his arm and this is the reason why he has a hatred for mutants.

We see the room shaking, Laura crawling, Logan carrying Professor X in his arms. It seems that either that they are in the middle of a big fight or just running away from it.

While the trailer proceeds and we see some happy moments, Laura Watches Wolverine as he finally sleeps.


A few cuts to Pierce and The Reavers, we see Wolverine with his claws pointed at Pierce faces. There are shots of him chasing armed guards, killing them one by one. This scene is followed by Laura doing the same thing.

We see Logan trying to control Laura, he is blocking her claws, in the comics she was created with a trigger scent that will activate her to kill anything in her path. May be this is why Logan is trying to control her.
OR Is it Daken? Number and position of the spikes makes it likely. For those who don’t know, Daken is Logan’s son!

Professor X tells him that he still has time. Time for what? If he killed X-Men then saving Laura is probably the only way to his redemption.

Logan opens in theaters on March 3, 2017.

by Anshul Kumar Akhoury

Vit Patel

An overworked doctor and a passionate Comics fan, who like Chandler Bing will use sarcasm to hide his pain. I will love it or hate it, that is how I will review!

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