[Anime Review] Sword Art Online

Hi. I am Narayanswamy. I am a gamer. What did I always want in an anime? One that has an RPG in it.

Yes, Japan has done right by us in many instances with its various genres to watch from. There is extreme psychological trap, to slice of life, to sports to action to hentai (nudge nudge, wink wink). So we all know we can always expect good things from them. But I hadn’t gotten anything that would make the World of Warcraft player in me light up like a fucking Christmas tree. Well this one did. And here’s a small account as to why.


Sword Art Online or SAO as the brand is sometimes abbreviated as was initially a light novel. It then got converted to an anime. Even as a light novel the storyline was easily relatable to any gamer or a romantic in general, the reason is because the story has a personal feeling to it. It makes you root for and count on Kirito , the lead character in the show.

As the story goes, the VR revolution has struck the world and there are VR games with reality vision. But this developer decides to fuck with the code and make it so that the people won’t be able to leave the world at a certain point unless they beat the entire game. Suddenly shit gets real and everyone decides they need to cluster the fuck up and get shit done. There are guilds formed, alliances made and friendships developed.

But our protagonist Kirito is different. Why? Because he was in the beta testing team of the game; therefore knowing shortcuts to ace that shit. And while he goes about doing that, he finds his love Asuna. She becomes a motivation and a charm for him to make it better. A few soapy scenes and a bunch of cliché Japanese girl boy bullshit later, there is a moment which makes us shed a tear for their love; Would not be spoiling it.

Guess what, all the above events are just 12 episodes in the show. There are 12 more. And that is just the first season. There are two seasons. My point is, binge-watch this shit, it is worth all the effort that you would put into it.


If you are a gamer, watch it compulsorily. If you are a romantic, watch it emphatically. If you are neither of those, watch it anyway cos not like any of us have a life.

S. Narayanswamy Iyer

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