Review: Valiant’s 4000 AD

Writer: Matt Kindt

Art: Clayton Crain

Publisher: Valiant


Valiant Comics is a breeze of fresh air for a comic reader being choked to death by Marvel and DC’s marketing gimmicks. They have produced some fine titles, there are not many write-ups about them. We, here at Comic Addicts, have been trying ways to change that and talk about Indie Genre as much as we can and Valiant’s 4000 AD is the best way to start the conversation.

4000 AD takes place in a distant future. New Japan is undergoing Chaos. The kingdom orbiting Earth, is ruled by an iron fist by a supreme artificial intelligence. After getting infected by a virus during a battle with his son Rai, Father loses control and start dropping parts of New Japan and killing thousands in process.

This is not even the beginning.

As the story beings, we meet Lulu, Rai’s companion, still fighting  the battle after Rai was presumed dead. The story goes on a very high pace, we meet Rai trapped on Earth, setting on a fight confrontation to battle his father.

4000 AD is a colourful addition to Valiant’s brilliant line of graphic novels. The colourful art represents the futuristic society very appropriately. The narrative also presents an interesting social commentary through its characters. The characters are complex and interesting. Father’s motive and backstory is not revealed that doesn’t stop him from becoming the central figure of the storyline.

Like most of the Valiant titles, art work is beautiful and inspiring. The art well connects with the story and complements the scenarios very well. The four issues of 4000 AD is still presented in a powerful style that it feels like a small part of a greater saga.

Verdict – Like every other title in Valiant universe, 4000 AD is a must read and shows the publisher’s strength as a company and a universe.



                                      By Anshul Kumar Akhoury

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