Green Arrow : Rebirth – Review. A TRUE REBIRTH.

Following article reviews first 6 issues of Green Arrow : Rebirth with some mild spoilers in form of images

Green arrow, despite being a long time DC hero, has never been as big as the others. Part of it was that initially, he was just a variant of Batman. Once that was corrected, he did became a fan favorite, and his lesser fame worked in favor of him in TV shows, allowing him to be a big part of Smallville and having own TV series that basically heralded the DCTVU.

However, it backfired on the character when the creators of “ARROW” decided to turn him into a “Green Batman” for tv , since WB won’t let them use Batman. What is worse, Uncle Guggie and co decided to make it like it was in Nolanverse ( or at least what they think Arrow would be if made by Nolan. SPOILER ALERT ; THEY FAIL). Then they compounded it by soulless stories and even worse villains in season 3-4, and then for the last nail in the coffin, they  turned the show into ” Felicity and friends’.

Unfortunately for poor Ollie, his comics counterpart fared no better. NEW 52 did what it is known for best to him and messed up his character pretty well. Coming from those poorly received runs, DC HAD to make big changes and they decided to go back to the basics in Green Arrow : Rebirth. Question is – DID IT WORK?


The very first page of Green Arrow : Rebirth ( the first issue) starts hammering the fact of who Oliver Queen is. O’Neil and Adams’ seminal run on Green Arrow in the late 60s &early 70s took him out of batman’s shadow and made him into a hard-core left-wing idealist, a rich, arrogant, loud mouth crusader for the poor and downtrodden, who sometimes comes across as a sanctimonious holier-than-thou jerk. Someone who can stand in the darkest of the nights and still hold on to humor and hope. The “Rebirth” issue spends most of its time introducing the readers to that side of Oliver. It also Introduces the readers to Black Canary. Like Oliver, the issue tries to work more on what makes her tick.

Green Arrow : Rebirth takes some special care to establish one thing about Oliver Queen – that he FEELS, that he CARES. Everything happens to the less fortunate, matters to Oliver in a very personal way. Same with Canary. For how well that was done, Green Arrow : Rebirth gets some bonus points from me.


And the thing is, Green Arrow : Rebirth is so good at introducing both characters, their nature, their motivations and their relationship that this is a good place to start for the uninitiated.


  1. If you are a fan of the show “Arrow’ and want to read the source…
  2. Did you liked Arrow once but now it hurts you physically? (pain is real for me)
  3. If you are wondering why comics readers seem to be hating on this series a lot…


I can’t stress on just HOW WELL Oliver and canary are done. It feels like something that was wrong in the universe that realigns itself with Green Arrow : Rebirth, especially after the NIGHTMARE that is Arrow when it came to these two. Mind you, New 52 was not much better.




The supporting cast of Green Arrow : Rebirth is borrowing heavily from New 52, as it should. ( This is not a reset) But Benjamin Percy does a fine job with them, especially Oliver’s half-sister Emiko and Diggle. One other things that Green Arrow : Rebirth works hard at is to establish these characters firmly in Oliver’s world. And thankfully, it succeeds. I am especially liking Emi’s character and her arc and want to see where this goes.



I really like the story arc that they have chosen because it is great for focusing on the different and yet equally intense bleeding heart tendency of Oliver and Dinah. It also makes the story more personal. While one of the villain is kinda predictable, the “ENEMY” that Oliver faces is cool IMO , because the enemy is larger than life and still FRIGHTENINGLY real. Like, it could happen in our world. That is, if it is not already happening.

But that is not all, the story is going to strip Oliver bare. Without giving up spoilers, this is gonna be one hell of a test for Oliver to face off in the coming days. What happens to a man when you take everything away from him? He finally finds out what he is made up off, and so will we.

The writing itself is excellent. And it gets woven with the panels so brilliantly that it makes you feel what Oliver is feeling, almost every single time. Another thing in which I feel Green Arrow : Rebirth is ahead of most Rebirth titles.




For me, Rebirth is a HUGE WINNER when it comes to art. And IMO Green Arrow : Rebirth is right at the top of it. Fluid, simple and colorful pages give feeling of looking at an art work more than a comics. Action is depicted so well, and the motion sewn in so fluidly, you can imagine it happening. The depth of details is remarkable, the faces extremely expressive.

With some imaginative art, the action is one of the best in Rebirth right now. Juan Ferreyra, TAKE A BOW. The art of Green Arrow : Rebirth becomes damned trippy at times, and that is always accompanied by a strong writing to enhance the experience. This page, for me is probably the best art in Rebirth. ( mind u, not saying it is the best moment.)




These are some other great panels…



Dunno about you, but the Green Arrow : Rebirth s first 5 issues pass with FLYING, KALEIDOSCOPIC in my book. In the main titles of Rebirth, I feel this is the one to watch out for.


  1. Oliver, Black Canary and their relationship.
  2. Supporting characters, their arc and integration
  3. Art
  4. Action
  5. The main story arc
  6. The potential for characters and arc itself.
  7. Chemistry (seriously, Oliver and Dianh SIZZLE)


  1. Some predictability






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